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1. “Proper marketing management and customer relationship enhancement provided by Healthcare Datacenter has helped us to achieve a gross revenue over $1 million in this quarter. More than that we have successfully reinstated our relationship with hundreds of customers, which is more than great!”
Wilfred Gomez, Director – Institute Administration

2. “Our fund raising initiatives were supported by Healthcare Datacenter and enabled us connect with potential donors. Each donation email request sent out was personalized and we were able track if our campaigns have reached the intended inboxes. We got tremendous response to our emails; we are very thankful to Healthcare Datacenter professionals”
Grace Christina Donovan, Vice President, Autism Care Center

3. “Publicizing our new health card and its benefits seemed a difficult task before we approached Healthcare Datacenter. Once these guys took over, things looked really good! The experts from Healthcare Datacenter introduced us to the new email channel, collected the email ids of our old customers and probable customers for our age old hospital database. We now enjoy 32% increase in out-patients section and had to add 40 more beds to meet in-patient requirements. Healthcare Datacenter has changed our perspective towards marketing...”
Henry Marshall, Executive - Marketing Communication, Multi-specialty Hospital

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