Customer Data Appending

How Customer Data Appending Helped Hospital to Increase Conversions by 38%

A Case Study on HealthCare Industry by Healthcare Datacenter

Institution Background

Located in Philadelphia, this healthcare institution opened in 1972 as a community hospital in general medicine. Since then, it has pioneered many medical treatment advancements, especially in the field of cardiac care. Today, it provides state-of-the-art heathcare facility and has more than 415 inpatient beds.

This institution has more than 700 physicians and 1400 associates under its rolls. Clinical programs and services include: emergency/trauma care services, cardiac care, rehabilitation care, neurology department, orthopedic center, diagnostic center and wellness programs.


Over these years, this healthcare institution has assembled extensive details of patients who have used its facility and treatment. The hospital comes out with a printed quarterly newsletter and distributes to its subscriber base. However, since the postal service has become expensive, the authorities started looking for an alternative way to cut costs and increase the subscriber base.

Management created a website, primarily to exhibit the growth and existing line of service specialties. The aim was to bring more visibility to the treatment facilities, physician details and the core expertise. Envisaging further potential from online presence, the hospital administration decided to promote its ongoing programs/events/clinics services through its website.

During mid 2008, an in-house audit was undertaken by an external agency. Based on the report by the agency, the hospital management decided on the following action plans:

  • To drive high quality traffic to the website
  • To launch an email newsletter to enable digital engagement
  • To start email promotions to send news updates to subscribers
  • To increment the subscriber base


The hospital sought for vendors who can take on the entire set of requirements. From a long list of professional service providers, the board unanimously approved the plan put forward by Healthcare Datacenter. The decision was taken weighing the experience in prior projects with similar challenges, cost-effectiveness of the solutions and technical know-how.

Healthcare Datacenter conducted a primary investigation into the existing patient contact database, made a study of the website and profiled prospective customers.

  • Appended Missing Data

    Hospital database contained 22,680 records and out of which 2/3 of the records had a lot of information missing like phone number, email address, postal address or zip code. Healthcare Datacenter matched the client database with its own master database and appended missing details automatically as well as manually
  • Segmented Data Appropriately

    Healthcare Datacenter suggested segmenting the database on customer division based on locality, health issues, behavior, medical plan, age and treatment. This would not only enable proper data management but also boost effective targeted promotions
  • Executed Targeted Email Campaigns

    Email campaigns delivered to high-risk prone patients gave booming feedbacks. The responded individuals were followed up by telephone calls advising them of advanced treatment facilities and preventive healthcare. Email campaigns popularized the website by incorporating several links in the email message
  • Tracked and Analyzed Campaigns

    Healthcare Datacenter provided access to proprietary campaign tracking software that enabled the client to view real time results of every promotion like open rates, click through rates, etc. Healthcare Datacenter also gave a detailed report with insights on the better placement of newsletter elements


Within the first six weeks of associating with Healthcare Datacenter the results of the online campaign and the added benefits of reaching out to more audience were evident in the following streams:

  • Website Visitors Increased by 120%

    Specialized landing pages attuned to the specific campaign focus and interest of visitors proved to be a big success. Qualified visitors poured into the website for more information and significant inquiries were generated. More than 30% of the visitors signed in for further consultation, diagnostic services and clinical examination
  • Increased Newsletter Subscriptions

    Data appending helped the client to reach out to more prospects and revive relationships with customers with whom it had lost touch. Many customers who had moved out/changed the email addresses were tracked and contact was re-established, leading to new enquires and renewed ties
  • Increased Physician Consultations

    Special campaigns sent to individuals prone to cardiac problems brought overwhelming response. Proactive advices on lifestyle changes and exercises to induce moderate weight loss received stunning feedbacks from the recipients. This enhanced trust and led to an 80% raise in online physician appointments
  • Multi-channel Customer Engagement

    List appending solution enabled the client to update customer contact information via emails and call centers. This added information helped the institution to manage and improve relationships with existing and prospective customers

Client Testimonial

“Proper marketing management and customer relationship enhancement provided by Healthcare Datacenter has helped us to achieve a gross revenue over $1 million in this quarter. More than that we have successfully reinstated our relationship with hundreds of customers, which is more than great!" - Wilfred Gomez, Director – Institute Administration

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