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  • Email Communication – The Jargon of the Day for Healthcare promotions

    Healthcare product/service tags along the need to marketing. Marketing a healthcare product/service would translate into reaching out to the hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses and other para medical services.

  • Guidelines to Market your Medical Billing Business

    You have set up a new medical billing business. The big task for now is to generate clients. But nobody knows you exist. So, they are not likely to knock on your door. Are you just banking on word-of-mouth popularity? It is a niche group that includes key decision makers of hospitals/ clinics/ doctor groups/ hospital administrators/ doctor office managers for whom this service is tailored. Here are some tips on how to reach out to this niche segment.

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  • Database Marketing for Healthcare Markets

    In this difficult economy, healthcare marketers largely use online channels to create product/services differentiation and enhance customer loyalty. The benefits of online channels include convenience, time savings, ease of use, cost savings, and wide selection. From all the many online channels available, email marketing is the flagship among health care marketers; low costed and targeted.
  • This whitepaper outlines :

    • How you can increase permission users in your database through multiple channels
    • How website can be optimized to increase list growth
    • How healthcare marketers are using emails to reach more customers
    • The best practices recommended for effective email marketing

Reach your target nuclear medicine specialist for seminar invitations, sale of medical supplies and equipment and more.

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