Campaign Tracking

Healthcare Datacenter's campaign tracking enables you to know everything about your campaign, what worked and what didn't, and gives you the opportunity to better yourself

Executing an email campaign can be exhausting. Exciting are the moments when you wait for its response. With Healthcare Datacenter real-time campaign tracking tools, you will get every details of your campaign response. Our tracking tool will tell you about open rates, click-throughs, bounces and more with the date and time it happened.

Our campaign tracking tool enables you to:

  • Know about open rates, click throughs, with exact date and time
  • Get a clear picture of your prospect distribution
  • Learn about the bounce backs (failure delivery) and unsubscribe requests
  • Keep a track about how many emails have been forwarded to friends, colleagues, partner companies, etc
  • Compare with your previous campaigns and generate reports

Benefits from our campaign tracking tool

  • Know about what happened to your campaigns, who all did what and when
  • Make a note on which email message appealed to which category of your prospects
  • Based on the emails forwarded, analyze the age group, subjects they are interested in etc
  • Draft your next campaign message based on geography, age group, etc
  • Comparison of campaigns will help you to better your next campaign

Learn from your campaigns and execute a better one next time.

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