Fax Appending

Fax Appending

Refresh your database with updated fax numbers and nurture better leads through fax promotions

Fax is the most convenient way of reaching out to your prospects. This is backed with the fact that Fax marketing messages do not have to go through Spam filters or direct mail glitches. Having fax contact numbers on the Database can not only increase the prospects of reaching out to the target clients but also works as an affordable marketing solution.

With Healthcare Datacenter's Fax append service, get the latest and the most updated Fax numbers of your prospects. Our state-of-the art, elaborate Fax appending process is a combination of automated and manual methods. Healthcare Datacenter's Fax append service will equip your database to carry out full-fledged fax promotions for your product or service.

How does Healthcare Datacenter Append your Fax Database?

  • Collate your existing Database with our master database
  • Cross check all the existing Fax numbers
  • Furnish all the missing Fax numbers
  • Recheck fax numbers by sending sample fax s
  • Send you the updated database

Why Fax Boost your Database?

  • To generate high number of prospects through fax promotion
  • To target new clients and update present clients
  • To achieve tangible results quickly
  • To spread new offers and deals easily at economic costs

If you have an existing customer database, we can help you append the missing email addresses.

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