Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Healthcare Datacenter offers comprehensive marketing solutions customized for the healthcare industry. We follow all the recommended marketing practices and expects our clients to do the same. Please go through the best ethical marketing practices.

  • A marketing message (through phone, email, direct mail, fax etc) is send to only those people who have given consent to receive such messages.
  • Send a welcome mail to a prospect mentioning about the marketing campaigns before starting the same.
  • Every email sent to a prospect should have a clear unsubscribe link. The link must be visible and easy to use.
  • The messages should be sent to the prospects over the medium of their choice.
  • All the mails sent to the subscribers must contain a valid physical address and a valid phone number.
  • Any unsubscribe request must be processed in 10 working days.

Please make sure that you abide by all the ethical marketing practices given above. For any further information on the terms and conditions, please

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