Phone Appending

Phone Appending

Review the existing Phone numbers and Revise your Database to get genuine leads and better deals.

Email leads often offer good deal conversion rates. However, during the lead prospecting stages, a more personal channel of communication is required. One of the most common personal marketing methods used by Marketing professionals is Telemarketing. Telemarketing belongs to the traditional school of marketing but still continues to draw customers and convince them to subscribe for the product/service.

Healthcare Datacenter's Phone Appending service furnishes the updates and adds the right phone numbers to your marketing database.

How does Healthcare Datacenter Append your Phone Database?

  • Collate your existing Database with our master database
  • Cross check and update all the existing Phone Numbers
  • Furnish all the missing Phone numbers
  • Recheck phone numbers by confirming the numbers through calls
  • Send you the updated database

Why Phone Boost your Database?

  • To generate high number of prospects through phone promotions
  • To target new clients and update present clients
  • To achieve tangible results quickly
  • To spread new offers and deals easily at affordable costs.
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If you have an existing customer database, we can help you append the missing email addresses.

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